Errata (2nd Edition)

Page 446, formula for upper probability
The probability should be P*(A) = P({ω ∈ Ω)| Γ(ω) ∩ A ≠ ∅}).

Page 446/447, formula for expected value/variance
The formulas should be E(Γ) = {E(X)|X is random variable such that E(X) exists and ∀ω ∈ Ω: X(ω) ∈ Γ(ω)} and Var(Γ) = {Var(X)|X is random variable such that Var(X) exists and ∀ω ∈ Ω: X(ω) ∈ Γ(ω)}, respectively.

Page 451, end of first paragraph
The correct formulation should be of the question should be: “What is the probability of the people that speak both English and German to a degree of at most 0.8?”.
Instead of P({ω ∈ Ω): Γ(ω) ≤ μ}) it should say P({ω ∈ Ω): Γ(ω) ⊆ μ}).

Page 452, first formula
The infimum should be calculated of “(Γ(ω))(U(ω))”.

Page 466, extended addition axiom
the right side of the equation should be P(A_i)   (instead of A_i)

Page 467
the set U should be finite and countable

Page 481, Figures 22.6 &  22.8 – 22.10
The node labels F and G need to be interchanged

Page 481, Abbildung 24.7
The caption of the right bottom Figure needs to be: “no chord in A − B − D − C” to be consistent with the image

Page 433 ff, Figures 24.13-24.15
Node I should be named J to be consistent with the text

Page 495, Equation for Completeness
it should be \models_T and \vdash_A (instead of \vdash_T and \models_A)

Page 497, Definition 23.5, Ende des Absatzes zu Abhängigkeitskarten:
“and thus describes only sound dependences” is only correct for independence maps

Page 499, Figure 23.3:
the left Figure is missing the edge C-G, othweise C_3 of Example 23.2 wouldn’t be a Clique

Page 517, Step 4:
R_{31} needs to be \Set{F,H} (instead of \Set{F,G})

Page 517, Equation with Annotation (4):
it needs to be \mathcal{C}_{BC}  (instead of C_{BC})

Page 525, third Equation block:
the argmax is missing in one part of the equation

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