Reviews of the Book

This book teaches computational intelligence (CI) in a thorough, methodological manner that is theoretically profound and educationally oriented. […] this book is well designed for the independent student who wishes to learn the fundamentals of CI without the need for an instructor. The organization and thorough step-by-step methodology make it an excellent startup guide for someone who wants to learn CI […]. This book is targeted at beginners, students, or professionals who wish to understand CI.
— Mario Antoine Aoun, Computing Reviews, February 2014

The book under review is a textbook that features sub-symbolic approaches developed within the field of Artificial Intelligence […]. It can be used as a companion book for lectures, with exercises and slides to be found on the book’s website. With its focus on sub-symbolic approaches, it presents a comprehensive and detailed source of information complementary to other commonly used textbooks in Artificial Intelligence that mostly focus on symbolic approaches.
— Jana Köhler, zbMATH, Vol. 1283, 2014

The book is a comprehensive treatise on computational intelligence with a focus on the underlying methodology and algorithms. […] The reader can enjoy a comprehensive and systematically arranged exposure to the material. […] The references following each chapter can serve as a list of introductory readings on the individual areas of computational intelligence. […] the reader gains a good sense of computational intelligence as an important endeavor supporting analysis and synthesis of intelligent systems. […] a useful compendium of knowledge for a broad audience.
— Witold Pedrycz, Mathematical Reviews, November 2013

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